Tayte Hanson takes Dillon Rossi’s ass like the pro he is

Posted By on July 2, 2014


Tayte and Dillon met at the club when Tayte was auditioning to be the next exclusive cockyboy. Even before the audience crowned him the winner he was already flirting with the cockyboys and making plans to fuck their brains out.


He already plowed Levi Karter and next on his list was Dillon Rossi. The two of them are both huge fans of outdoor sex so as they were cuddling on the hammock outside things just naturally progressed from soft kisses to hardcore pounding and dick riding! Dillon, as usual, can’t help his own dick from being rock hard the whole time and he admits – he loves getting fucked and played with at the same time.


So while Tayte was swinging him back and forth on the hammock he grabbed Dillon’s cock and it only took a second for Dillon to shoot his load. The sight of all that cum clearly got Tayte very excited because he couldn’t help but shoot his load right after that.


It’s safe to say Dillon is one happy bottom boy. Who’s next?

Check out the trailer below and watch the whole scene here! 

Going Down to South America

Posted By on August 29, 2013

papiThese two latin papis are all a guy could ever want. They are both chiseled, toned, and ready to bone. The movie starts out with Hunk Numero Uno pulling down his tight black jeans (which all Hispanic men love) to reveal a nice red tonga (that’s thong en español). Inside that red tonga is a massive pinga (that’s Spanish for giant penis), and he pulls it out for his nice friend to suck.

Luckily, his amingo is a willing cock sucker and takes the dick soft and slowly into his warm, wet mouth. After a few minutes Hunk Numero Uno takes the dick out of Hunk Numero Dos’s mouth and slaps it across his ass.

For the next few minutes we get to watch Numero Uno tease Numero Dos with the promise of a big dick in the ass. Finally, he inserts that cock into Numero Dos’s tanned booty with no lube, but hey, it goes in smoothly. The vein covered monster penetrated his hole and it’s time to fuck!

Watching these two papis fuck each other is so hot especially when Numero Uno cums all over Numero Dos’s back. Now it’s time for a siesta (that’s Spanish for post-fuck nap).


Jett Black Models Liberace for PAPERMAG

Posted By on May 29, 2013

When the artsy culture blog PAPERMAG found out that owners Jake Jaxson, RJ Sebastian, and Benny Morecock won some of Liberace’s real clothes at auction, they were quick to send their photographer Rebecca Smeyne to photograph our swanky Danish wonderboy, Jett Black, for a Vegas-inspired fashion shoot. I mean seriously, could there be another model more suited to pose as a Liberace reincarnate than Jett? His hair alone is enough to make the glitz king ejaculate in his grave, and we were stunned to see how inspiring the photo set turned out. If there’s one difference between Jett and Liberace, though, it’s that Jett has no problem admitting he’s gay gay gay!

Here are some of our favorite photos from the shoot. For the rest of the photos, check out PAPERMAG.

Jett Black 1

Jett Black 2

Jett Black 3

Jett Black 4

Grabby Awards 2013: A Recap!

Posted By on May 27, 2013

Max Ryder Erik Schut Levi Karter

Let me just start off by saying that this is one of my most memorable weekends of the year! Being apart of what the industry calls “The Oscars of Gay Porn” was seriously an honor. It brought some of the industry’s most recognized names, hottest guys, and overall hot messes together for one weekend at the Hard Rock hotel in Chicago. So you can imagine the craziness, suite parties etc etc that went on this weekend and being able to do it with my CockyBoys family was another!

Max Ryder Jake Bas Ricky Roman

At this year’s Grabbys I was honored to have been selected to Co-Host alongside some other pretty intimidating people… & I can’t explain how nervous I was to be honest. Luckily, It was a lot more fun than I expected. I got to present the awards for Best Group Scene & Best Screenplay as well as introduce the clip for Belami’s 2nd edition of their Americans in Prague dvd. If you were there you would know that while showing the clip, well that there was TECHNICAL difficulties haha… & well I had to improv my way through it without crying. I’m glad I survived… & it’s awesome to see my performance paid off because I was named and given a SWORDIE for  “The Host with the Most” by THE SWORD!

Max Ryder Jake Jaxson Jake Bass

Going into this I wasn’t really expecting winning anything, I mean being nominated 6 times was really a honor on it’s own… & you know the night got even better when I was awarded 2013 Best Newcomer of the YEAR! I’m still processing it really… I mean this is only my first year in the business and It’s just crazy to be awarded and recognized for everything I did this year. Especially when some of those other people in the category were bigger names and have all worked just as hard as me. So this is a big achievement, because it doesn’t matter if it’s porn, or drawing a coloring book, or cutting my parents grass, I ALWAYS give my 100%. I’ve always been self motivated in that way… because that way I can NEVER regret doing it. & to be honest I am so proud of everything I’ve done and filmed that it’s nearly impossible 5 years from now to regret it.

Cockyboys took home a smacking 4 Grabby Awards this year!! Jake Jaxson was recognized for his immense talent in directing and blurring the lines of reality and porn, My first project I ever did that also starred Jake Bass, PROJECT GOGO BOY, took home the BEST MOVIE OF THE YEAR and SteamWorks Fan Favorite!!!!!!!!!!!! We are incredibly grateful and we couldn’t have done it without the continuous support of the fans for pushing us to well push the boundaries.

We also hosted our Cockyboys Summer Tour Kickoff Party, The Tim and Roma Show, Recovery Brunch, and it’s so crazy how I even have the enrgy to write this post right now! Like I said I’m still processing it… but we are all so thankful for our recognitions & we are excited to get back to work! We have big things planned and maybe we will see you at the Grabbys again next year ;)


The Cockyboys who brunch

Posted By on May 27, 2013

Another day in Chicago, another porn event. If that sounds like I’m over it- think again! I LIVE FOR THIS SHIT! 

Yesterday morning it seemed like every porn star from the Grabby’s show the night before had descended on the Naked Sword brunch, hosted by Naked Sword executive producer Tim & drag-superstar Roma.

NorthEnd bar on Halsted St played host and provided heaps of nibbles so the packed crowd could keep their sugar levels up as all their blood drained to their dicks from being in a room with fifteen+ porn stars. Christian Wilde was the first to take to the stage and when asked by Sister Roma to describe his first bottoming scene, which only happened a few weeks back, he replied with his characteristic charm “How can you put such a beautiful experience into words?” < adorable right? Then he proceeded to admit that he’d be up for trying fisting too and any idea of romance left the room as an orderly queue formed at the front of the stage.

Jake Bass hopped on stage to answer some questions and got ambushed about his recent ‘cosy up’ with the hunky Connor Cline- pics have been floating around theSword of the two gazing into each others eyes and locking lips. Jake blushed and got a little lost for words- just goes to show, even bad boys have soft hearts…

Max Ryder was complimented on his presenting skills, seeing as he saved the day at the Grabbys when a technical malfunction resulted in a video not playing and the room descending into silent darkness. He pulled the show back from the brink and announced that ‘we can always google it’ to a sea of laughter- securing him as the official BEST PRESENTER FOR THE NIGHT. Whomp!

Levi Karter got grilled on his exercise regime and how he keeps himself so flexible- he can literally get his leg behind his head, which he demonstrated on stage to an assortment of horny groans and thigh slapping. He admitted that it took dedication, daily stretching and copious hours of using his feet as ear warmers (that’s getting fucked, to the analogy challenged).

All in all it was the perfect way to wind down the Grabbys weekend. Thanks NakedSword for a great afternoon! 



From your guest blogger, Nick at thePornpup

Cockyboys & NakedSword sweep the board at the Grabbys

Posted By on May 26, 2013

Between them taking home an astonishing eight Grabby awards, Cockyboys & NakedSword had a fantastic night last night, gaining industry recognition for inventive & quality content that have enhanced a million jerk-offs around the world in the last year.

Highlights of the show included Tommy Defendi taking to the stage to collect his ‘Hottest Cock’ award and then whacking it out for everyone to see- and for sure, it’s a beauty even from twenty feet. Brent Corrigan went on a slightly rambling monologue about.. I’m not sure. But he was talking into a giant penis shaped like a microphone (or was it the other way around?) and got his pert peach of an ass out to an appreciative audience, one or two of whom hadn’t seen it a thousand times before.

In great Grabby’s tradition the night had the tiniest hint of chaos about it, with microphone malfunctions and video playback problems, leading Max Ryder to declare that ‘we can always google it’ when a video failed to play on the giant projection screen while he was presenting. But- that kind of adds to the fun right? What’s a porn awards ceremony without some performance anxiety from the equipment?

When Jake Jaxson, director of Project Go-Go Boy, The Haunting & Roadstrip among other hits, won ‘Best Director’ the room went wild- he’s truly admired by the gay porn industry. And in his usual humble style the first people he thanked when took to the stage to accept were porn performers in general, saying ‘you really put yourselves out there’. Sweet- he’s a new age man, don’t ya know.

The room also erupted when Cockyboys won the highly sought after ‘Steamworks Fan Favorite Movie’ for Project Go-Go Boy- what’s better than getting an award when the winner is chosen by the fans themselves? Only being manhandled by Austin Wilde, that’s what:


Here’s a complete list of the winners:

Best Newcomers: Max Ryder and Tate Ryder (tie)
Best Group Scene: Tate Ryder, Jake Genesis and Derek Parker (The Dom from Hot House)
Best Versatile Performer: Trenton Ducati
Web Performer of the Year: Austin Wilde
Performers of the Year: Jimmy Durano and Trenton Ducati
Hottest Top: Jimmy Durano
Hottest Bottom: Tate Ryder
Hottest Cock: Tommy Defendi
Best Actor: Christian Wilde (Wilde Road from Naked Sword)
Best Solo Scene: Adam Killian (Fahrenheit from Falcon)
Best Duo: Kris Evans and Mick Lovell (American Lovers 2 from BelAmi) & Jessy Ares and Scott Hunter (Nightfall from Titan Men) (tie)
Manly Man: Charlie Harding
Best Original Content: Dominic Ford
Best Screenplay: mr. Pam (Wilde Road from Naked Sword)
Best Fetish Scene: Pantyhose from Lucas Entertainment
Best Fetish Extreme: Safe Word from Raging Stallion
Best Fetish Site: Bound Jocks
Best Mega Site: Naked Sword
Best VOD Site: Naked Sword
Best Video Company Site: Hot House
Best Movie: Project GoGo Boy (from CockyBoys)
Best All-Sex Movie: To Fuck A Predator Gangbang (from Jet Set Men)
Best Twink Movie: Captain Americock (from Boy Crush)
Best Videography: Andre Adair (The Dom from Hot House)
Best Director: Jake Jaxon (Project GoGo Boy from CockyBoys)
Best Still Photographer: Kent Taylor
Best Box Cover: Hot Sex (Raging Stallion)
Steamworks Fan Favorite Movie: Project GoGo Boy (CockyBoys)
Lifetime Achievement: Brent Corrigan. Matthew Rush, Adam Robinson and Kristofer Weston

Here’s some more pics from the night:

DSC_0029 DSC_0064 DSC_0022 DSC_0028 DSC_0075 DSC_0118 DSC_0046 DSC_0024 DSC_0025


From your guest blogger, Nick at thePornpup

An awed audience, eight near-naked Cockyboys & a very busy Go-Go platform- that was my night

Posted By on May 25, 2013

Last night a platoon of Cockyboys descended on Hydrate, a rocking gay bar/club in Chicago and sexed-up the world of 350+ unsuspecting party-boys. What began as a civilised photo op in front of a stunning, giant-sized ‘Roadstrip’ banner descended into an intimate (for some lucky patrons), sexually charged go-go-orgy-thon. What’s an orgy-thon? I don’t really know, except that it involves eight porn stars in their underwear giving away DVD’s and Tees, posing for a thousand-and-one photos and earning a few extra bucks that get shoved in their cock-clutching underwear.

Max Ryder, Jake Bass, Jett Black, Levi Karter, Bravo Delta, JD Phoenix, Dillon Rossi & Ricky Roman pumped their pussies like the pros they are, giving the crowd a beautiful show of their pert butts and bulging crotches which handing out some (pretty impressive) freebie’s to a crowd that soaked them up- and their underwear soaked up a lot of pre-cum too, judging by the number of bulges I noticed in the guys pants who were enjoying the show.

Here’s some pics of the night- plus a behind-the-scenes shot of the boys stripping down & getting ready to take to the stage…

From your guest blogger, Nick at thePornpup

1 2
410 53 6 7 8 9

Is Chicago ready for the Cockyboys?

Posted By on May 24, 2013


Does Chicago & the Grabbys porn awards know what it’s let itself in for?

A momentous SEVEN- yes count them, SEVEN- Cockyboys are attending this years Grabbys porn awards to celebrate the ascent of Cockyboys to the peak of the porn mountain. Cockyboys are up for too many awards for this hack to count (literally, I gave up after the first 10, lets’ just say- a lot) and the boys are already chewing at their jockstraps, eager to storm the stage and grab a prize.

When it happens I’m predicting that Max Ryder will be too numb to talk, Jake Bass will give one of his trademark bad-boy smirks and shrug it all off, Ricky Roman will rip off his leather harness hulk-stylee, Levi Karter will do a quadrupedal back-flip and land on Bravo Delta’s fat cock, Jett Black will crack open a celebratory tube of lube and Dillon Rossi will bend over eagerly to receive his prize.

Tonight is a pre-party and I’ll be there taking pics and filling my notepad with all the goings-on that will keep you hard & entertained this weekend.

From your guest blogger, Nick at thePornpup

CockyBoys Take Over My Apartment!

Posted By on May 19, 2013

So as you all know, the Grabbys are coming up next week and as you can see from the guests I’ve had the other night that some of the boys are scattering in already in town until we fly out next Thursday!

During their visit, things got a little crazy and somehow we ended up singing NSYNC! So in honor of my new blog, here’s a video of Ricky Roman, Jake Bass, Levi Karter, and myself completely making a fool of ourselves for your entertainment!


CockyBoys Summer Kick Off Tour!

Posted By on May 18, 2013

Max Ryder Chicago

If you guys haven’t heard yet, I recently was named CockyBoys “Director of Bookings and Live Events” where I will be in charge of booking myself, and all of our Exclusive models Club Appearances this Summer!

What weekend other than the GRABBYS weekend is better to throw our official Summer Tour Kick Off party?!? NONE! Sponsored by our friends at MANHUNT and TLA GAY, & the lineup is the craziest it’s ever been! With all of our newest models at the same place along side myself and partner in crime Jake Bass, this is definitely one night you do not want to skip out on! So make sure you come out that night to Chicago’s hottest gay club Hydrate on Friday May 24th! Who knows what other surprises we might throw at you!